National Poetry Month: April 14th

Reunion by Ethan Coen

Say, you look great!
Well, you look great
We both look great!
How long’s it been?
How long’s it been?–
A long, long time.
A long, long time.
Well, you look great! 

Have you seen Al?
No–Al is here?
Yeah, Al is here.
Well, how’s Al look?
Al looks real good.
And how’s Al been?
Al shot his wife.
… but how’s *Al* been?

Did you see Sid?
I did see Sid.
Heh, same old Sid.
Yeah, Sid is Sid.
Boy, that guy Sid.
Sid, boy oh boy.
Sid, hah hah hah
Hah hah hah–Sid.

This poem was selected by Jeff B. (Reader’s Services)

Poetry Copyright Notice


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