National Poetry Month: April 24th

Selected haiku by Basho

Seeing the new year’s
first flowers, I’ll live seventy-
five years longer

From what tree’s
blossoming, I do not know,
but oh, its sweet scent!

All day long, singing,
yet the day’s not long enough
for the skylark’s song

If my voice was good,
I’d sing a song of cherry
blossoms falling

A sad confluence–
everyone in the end turns into
young bamboo shoots

These poems were selected by Andy R. (Reader’s Services)

Poetry Copyright Notice


One thought on “National Poetry Month: April 24th

  1. by the Chinese poet Li Po (701-62)

    Freely translated, it reads:

    Lost in wine, I did not notice dusk descending
    Petals dropped and piled up on my robe
    Drunk, I rise and walk the moonlit valley
    The birds have gone, and people too are few.

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