Welcome to Colorido

If you’re looking for Colorido, you won’t find it on any map. The only way to get there is to visit the Main Branch of the Evanston Public Library and make your way up to the second floor. Here you’ll find the town of Colorido with all its beguiling residents laid out before you. Colorido is the creation of local Evanston artist Timothy L. Campbell. Throughout the month of May you can visit his fictional town and meet its various characters right here at EPL. In addition to beautiful art, Campbell has created elaborate, interwoven backstories for each character that are as colorful as the drawings themselves. So the next time you’re in the library, stop by and explore the strange world of Colorido. And for complete photos and text from the exhibit, visit Campbell’s Flickr site. Stay tuned to Off the Shelf for an upcoming interview with the artist later this month. Enjoy!

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