Local Art @ EPL

EPL is pleased as punch to feature the art of Paul Whittaker, currently on display in the library. Mr. Whittaker is the latest artist in our ongoing series of local art exhibitions. The show, entitled Circular Logic, features many of Mr. Whittaker’s pieces in a variety of different mediums. Watercolors, paints, pastels, and photography are all employed in Mr. Whittaker’s art, often within the same piece. The colors on display here can only be described as vibrant. Stop by the 2nd Floor of the Main Library now through October 1st and see for yourself, and be sure to make plans to be at the library on Thursday, September 2nd from 6-8pm to meet the artist himself and discuss his work with him. Coming up next month we’ll feature an interview with Mr. Whittaker right here on our Off the Shelf blog. Stay tuned.

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