A Few Recent Stories for Teens and Parents

Here’s some recent book news which may interest teens or parents of kids-

1) HarperCollins is starting a new promotional program offering a contest with a signed copy of Justin Bieber‘s “First Step 2 Forever” as a prize. The website, known as Bookperk, advertises inside access to the world of publishing.

2) This article in Publisher’s Weekly analyzes at length the e-teen market and how likely/unlikely teens are to buy e-books. The author cites ease of use and money as a couple of deterring factors, but seems to think they’ll catch on big.

3) Dr. Seuss“The Lorax” is now available as an app, and the author highly recommends it for its visual and interactive content.    Shira S.

One thought on “A Few Recent Stories for Teens and Parents

  1. Smarter Chick Lit is a publisher which tries to incorporate a bit of classic English Lit into a modern YA mystery novel.

    We are hoping to see forcasted teen e-Books take off in the year or two.

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