The Feminism of Tupac


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14 thoughts on “The Feminism of Tupac

    1. “[he] was found guilty of three counts of molestation, but innocent of six others, including sodomy.” from wikipedia. Although he always denied all accusations.

      1. if you look into the entire situation, and open your eyes to how much money certain people got from that deal, the way he served time in prison and considering he also shot two off duty police officers who were harassing a woman that he attempted to help, his intentions are quite clear.

  1. There are many songs that while seemingly sexist are often misunderstood. Take “All About You” and the video full of mostly naked women, he’s saying that a lot of women don’t give themselves enough chances to be unique and a lot of women allow sexist men to over run their lives and such. “Every other city I go, every other video I see the same…” he’s saying “you, young woman, I am a rapper who young women are screaming for a my concerts, don’t be like them. you don’t want to be like them” Look at “wonder why they call you b!*ch” he isn’t saying all women are, its quite the opposite, he’s saying this young woman who has relied only on sex to get what she wants in life is the type of woman that while he can respect, he also sees why she gets called that by the men who abuse her.

    Brenda’s Got a Baby??? Tupac was sent here to make men like myself learn to respect women on a different level than what media would otherwise have it. He was raised by Afeni Shakur the most prominent woman in the Black Panthers. She carried him while in prison for charges she beat. Tupac was not setting an example to live by, he used certain words to express points and show an attitude. He was a story teller like every artist, movie writer, blogger, or computer programmer.

    He encouraged people who have nothing, people who are being held down whether because of a sexist society that sees women only as objects, or because of police who see people with a certain colors of skin and choose to harass those people with extra violence to stand up and fight back. Reminding people even if you have nothing, no lights on at your house, the worst shoes possible and a loud, loud stomach, Even though somebody shot you! you can still hold your head up like the wonderfully strong woman or man you know you are. So I think he went a bit beyond having some feminist views, but IS a warrior for all oppressed people. He would have been up there at the marches, because he was interested in politics and one of the conspiracy theories is based on maybe he faked his death, got plastic surgery and went into politics. I believe he was trying to challenge America to elect a black president, somebody who simply wasn’t white. He wasn’t afraid to stand up and speak out, and enlightened entire generations who are going on to create children to change the world. Sparked by the imagination that something can be different if only you try.

  2. The male/female dynamic in the black community is far different than the mostly educated white feminist movement. Black women are often impregnated at a young age and raising children by themselves in poverty. Meanwhile, in the white community, the wives usually take their husbands to the cleaners in a divorce, with alimony, custody, child support, as well as a huge portion of the family’s assets.

    1. Exactly. Why don’t we let Tupac talk for himself instead of the educated, white women digging for a parallel to their situation?

  3. In 1998 I returned to college, taking an English Literature course. The professor assigned us to do a short biography then recite a poem by our favorite poet. A Middle Eastern Muslim woman stood up to do hers. I assumed she was Muslim because she wore the full Burqa ( the kind the covers from head to feet with a slot at the eyes so she can see.) Anyway, she gave the most beautiful, positive biography on this young man. Then she began to recite his poetry. It was about a young man’s high regard and respect for women. She ended it saying that he would go down in history as one of the greatest poets ever and that his name was Tupac Shakur. I just about fell out of my chair ! At the same time I marveled at how the power of art can somehow bring unity in the world .

  4. Google his interview from when he was 17.. Tupac was a total poseur, he had huge talent as an actor and performer but made up all the bs thug life nonsense that has ruined countless lives as people try to emulate what they thought Pac was.

    1. 2pac shot 2 police officers, came from a family of convicts, when to war with NY drug lords (jimmy henchman, King tut, look them up), dropped out of high school at 17 living in homeless shelters.

      How is that made up if it actually happened.

  5. On my quick count there are about 30 songs in his discography that address women’s issue from a (semi)feminist perspective.

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