Beloved Bookman’s Alley Closing

Neil Steinberg’s column in the November 4 Chicago Sun-Times caught my attention when I saw the headline “Bad news out of Evanston”. Bookman’s Alley, which opened in 1980 has been a treasure trove of books, some rare, and art, and an Evanston haven for many book devotees.  According to the article, the store is closing in January 2012.  Go there now for their 30 percent off sale.


4 thoughts on “Beloved Bookman’s Alley Closing

  1. Went there this afternoon; it’s like one of those movie scenes where you discover the underground lair where all the resistance fighters have been hiding. As you walk in they nod, and smile at you sadly, recognizing that you are One Of Them, then return to their books.

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