Two Cool Devices (of Many)

One of the more noteworthy devices from the CES (Consumer Electronic Show going on right now in Las Vegas) is a winner of the Hot Stuff Awards handed out by Stuff magazine. I was not surprised to see attention given to an e-reader, although the JetBook’s features are certainly cutting edge. The vivid colors are a step up from the average e-reader. However, the LP 2 GO, a portable vinyl record player, is quite different. The award-winning gadget can play and record music, as well as convert LPs to MP3 format. Does anyone own usable LPs these days?

Shira S.

One thought on “Two Cool Devices (of Many)

  1. LPs are making a real comback with music afficianados who think the sound quality is truer. There are also the connoisseurs of album cover design, something that disappears altogether with downloaded music and is so miniscule on a CD Some claim that vinyl never really went away. My son owns boxes of vintage vinyl, and if he could figure out where to keep them in his tiny Brooklyn apartment, he’d be buying new releases. He also had four turntables at one time, but has scaled down to two. Alas, the lack of space!
    Barbara L.

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