Are you ready for the robolibrary?

Today’s Chicago Trib ran an article on the trend to replace some library services with robotic self-serve stations both on-site and at remote locations (e.g., malls, train stations, other municipal buildings). Taking a cue from the popular Redbox DVD machines, patrons in some areas can already take out and return library materials from similar vending machines. Other libraries are considering setting up kiosks around their vicinities with quick-pick selections. At many libraries it is already not unusual to have self-checkout stations. For convenience and to help cash-strapped libraries meet patrons’ needs, the robolibrary is likely to become a popular fixture in the near future.

Barbara L.


One thought on “Are you ready for the robolibrary?

  1. I come to the library for community, for people, and, yes, to find materials to read…not to interact with robots and get out as quick as I can.

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