James Beard Nominations for 2012

The cooking world is eagerly scanning this list of outstanding chefs, bakers, and writers to see who is in the running for top honors this year from the James Beard Foundation. I noticed two authors who have previously written a wonderful guide to flavors (The Flavor Bible), Karen Page and Andrew Dornenburg. Their new work is called ‘The Food Lover’s Guide to Wine” and is mentioned under the reference category.

Lisa Yockelson is another author whose work I both own and have seen at EPL. She has taken a unique approach to food topics. One example is her book “Baking by Flavor” which emphasizes specific tastes, like vanilla, citrus, etc. ( I own a small book of hers, Blondies and Brownies. Completely delicious recipes by a perfectionist.) One other nominee is Nathan Myhrvold who was featured on NPR last year.The interview with the multitalented personality who started college at the age of 14, was chief technology officer at Microsoft, and trained as a French chef was fascinating. This is not your typical cookbook! (He also appeared on Jimmy Kimmel Live to give a cooking demo a few weeks ago.) Winners to be announced in early May.

Shira S.


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