Find Lehane’s dog and be named in his next book

20130106-180759-pic-423984427_s160x104Author Dennis Lehane is offering two rewards for anyone finding his lost pooch, Tessa, who’s been missing for several weeks. After the beagle left Lehane’s Brookline, MA, backyard minus her tags, the author said he would name a character after her rescuer. A die-hard fan might just make the effort to travel to Boston for the search. In addition, there is a substantial financial reward. As one reporter unkindly wrote, perhaps Tessa is “Gone, Baby, Gone,” the title of another of his books.

This story broke as I was reading his latest book which came out quite recently, “Live By Night.” The author creates a sweeping saga of the underworld that packs more emotion and heart (and, yes, lots of violence) into a novel than your average crime story. Lehane infuses Joe Cochran’s life with passion and a single-minded determination to make it. If you like suspense and crime, I would recommend this. (And if you find Tessa, please let him know!)

Shira S.


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