“Elements” for a great photo–delicious cake and a classic library!

tumblr_m5b9udzhtP1qajq3eo1_500While browsing through “Baked Elements” by Matt Lewis and Renato Poliafito something niggled at the back of my mind. The authors’ photo was not set in their bakery or cafe, as one would expect, but rather, at the NY Public Library. The setting adds a distinct quality that is so different from the typical cookbook shot. They also acknowledge the librarians, so they must have done research there, to boot. What could be better than an abundance of books and beautiful cakes?

(PS- This book is arranged by focusing on 10 of their favorite ingredients or elements. Some, like carmel, I can’t argue with. Others, such as banana or pumpkin, are OK, but not my personal faves. Still, an excellent collection of recipes and photos.) Link to GQ article.

Shira S.


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