This Blog Post Is Emma Approved

Fans of The Lizzie Bennet Diaries will be excited to hear that creator Bernie Su is launching the next Austen-based web series, and it’s going to be based on Emma.

For Austen fans who haven’t seen the wildly popular webseries, The Lizzie Bennet Diaries is a modern take on Pride and Prejudice told entirely through social media. In this adaptation, Lizzie is a 24-year-old grad student who hosts a web blog, filmed by her best friend Charlotte Lu, in which she dishes about her crazy mother who wants to marry her daughters off, her older sister Jane’s new boyfriend, Bing Lee, and Bing’s snooty hipster friend, Darcy, that she just can’t stand. But is Darcy really a snob, or is he just socially awkward? Each character has a Twitter account, a Facebook page, a Tumblr, and even a Pinterest page. The biggest surprise of the series is the treatment of younger sister Lydia, who is usually portrayed as an airhead. In this version, she starts off as a party girl, but ends up being a very thought provoking, three-dimensional character. If you don’t like the idea of watching a show on the internet, keep an eye out for the DVD coming out soon.

According to Tubefilter, the new adaptation of Emma features Emma Woodhouse as a “confident and proud female entrepreneur who, like the literary version, will believe she is an excellent matchmaker.” Get ready to start following, because she already has a Twitter account, just waiting for the big launch this fall.



One thought on “This Blog Post Is Emma Approved

  1. Hi Evanston Public Library (posting here cause I couldn’t find contact info for the blog)!

    We have a webseries titled Classic Alice – a webseries about a girl living life according to classic literature, created by & starring Kate Hackett. It’s smart, funny, and truthful. We see that youʼve given some digital ink to news revolving around Emma Approved and weʼd love to get in on that action.

    Since this is kept strictly for the YouTube audience, we would love your support in any way. This series already has thousands of fans around the world, but we need help to spread the word. We’ve used the Kickstarter platform to raise money for the next 24 episodes and want to attract fans in droves to bring this project to life. We aired six episodes following “Crime & Punishment” in March/April and just began airing new episodes August 5th! We’ve been featured by some awesome magazines already, including Hello Giggles and Reading Rainbow, so we’d love to keep rounding out our stellar reviews.

    Classic Alice is also a transmedia show, which means that the lives of the characters extend beyond just the webseries. They have twitters, podcasts, instagrams, and other social media accounts to keep the life flowing. It was also created and produced by women, which adds a very cool element to the story — yes, young women CAN create and make awesome work in Hollywood!

    We will of course make sure to include a link to your work, so our viewers can easily find you on the Interwebs. Hopefully this means that some of our love will head your way, vis a vis streams from what we release.

    Here are a few places you can find us online:



    Twitter: @TheClassicAlice


    Thanks so much and looking forward to hearing back!

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