Bits and Bytes of Storytelling

bytesInteresting article in Sunday’s NYTimes Book Review section asked more than a dozen authors to talk about how new and changing technologies affect their storytelling. The writers commenting include Lee Child, Marisha Pessl, Frederick Forsyth, Douglas Coupland, Emily Giffin, and Ander Monson, among others. I love Margaret Atwood‘s response: “Do new technologies change what plot devices are available for writers of fiction? Do chickens have beaks? The answer is, of course. So it has always been. Your practice test: Rewrite Edgar Allan Poe’s story “The Purloined Letter,” using present-day communications technology. Go to it. I’m sure there are a hundred brilliant solutions to the puzzle of “The Purloined E-Mail.”

Read what the other authors have to say and then check the EPL catalog for their works.


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