The Little Free Library movement makes the front page!

Little_Free_Library,_Easthampton_MAToday’s Chicago Trib ran a front page story on the popularity and the global growth of the Little Free Library movement which has been reported about on this blog a number of times in the past. Free books housed in charming (weather-proof) little structures are placed on private property for passersby to use. They can borrow and donate as they wish; the movement’s motto, “take a book, return a book” says it all. The good folk who manage a Little Free Library are called stewards, and are responsible for building (or buying) the structure, stocking it initially with some books, and maintaining the tiny collection. Little Free Libraries have popped up worldwide, but so far none in Evanston. According to the organization’s location map, the closest suburban one is in Glenview. Click here to see a photo gallery of Little Free Libraries around the country. Whenever the daily news stories bring me down, I delight in learning about things like this: simple, earnest efforts of good people to bring reading, enjoyment, community, style and fun together for everyone to share.

Barbara L.


2 thoughts on “The Little Free Library movement makes the front page!

  1. WHile we don’t leave our books in little structures, in partnership with the Evanston Public LIbrary Friends, we DO leave books all over Evanston – in Metra stations, the Civic Center, Recreation facilities, residential facilities. …..

  2. There is one in Evanston now that showed up on the official map just after Christmas this year ( though the photos make it look like it’s been up for a bit)

    It’s on 80 Salem Lane which is near Golf and McCormic avenues.

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