A Prince(ly) Exhibit

0124PRINCE-master180New York’s Morgan Library & Museum has a new exhibit sure to interest both children and adults.”The Little Prince: A New York Story” which opened today focuses not only on the 1943 classic but also on its New York connections when Saint-Exupery was in exile there during World War II. On display are 25 of his handwritten manuscript pages (which show coffee stains and cigarette burns), along with 43 drawings and watercolors, and a screenplay that Orson Welles wanted to use to film the book.  Also included in the exhibit is “a reference to a rave 1943 review of Le Petit Prince by P.L.Travers (author of the Mary Poppins books), who says the book “will shine upon children with a sideways gleam,” adding: “why mourn for the Brothers Grimm when it is still possible for such a tale to be heard from the lips of airmen and all who steer by the stars?” Read the entire fascinating New York Times review here – and check the EPL catalog for The Little Prince and other works by the author.



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