EPL’s Oscar Picks 2016: Best Supporting Actress

Yesterday we announced the EPL Oscar for Best Supporting Actor, and now it’s the ladies’ turn.  Here is the award for Best Supporting Actress.

The Nominees Are…

jenn jason leighJennifer Jason Leigh, The Hateful Eight

“I don’t think she’s ever won or even been nominated.  She’s a veteran who’s been on the back burner of our collective consciousness for a long time, but Tarantino has a knack for giving forgotten actors career-reviving roles.”  — Heather Plank


rooney maraRooney Mara, Carol

“Rooney Mara became a different character than I’ve seen her play before:  a reserved, sympathetic woman just trying to find her way.  She was able to capture the essence of first love and first heartbreak all at once.”  — Carley Pernokas


mcadamsRachel McAdams, Spotlight

crickets chirp…   crickets chirp…



aliciaAlicia Vikander, The Danish Girl

“Good work in a powerful film, and she held her own with last year’s best actor.”  — Jeff Balch



winsletKate Winslet, Steve Jobs

“Kate Winslet should actually get Best Actress but must not have met the criteria for screen time.  She was outstanding.”  — Bob Meyer



And the EPL Oscar goes to…


vikander winnerAlicia Vikander!

“Alicia Vikander was the best thing about The Danish Girl.  Eddie Redmayne was stunning, the sets were gorgeous, but the camera really loved her in this movie.”  — Hilde Kaiser








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