National Poetry Month: April 22nd

“An earthen vessel” by Jimmy Glass

An earthen vessel may hold the rarest wine
.     The handwrought silver goblet—gall
.     The tattered cover—words of wisdom
.     The gold-edged leaf—the cruelest lie
.     Stumbling words—love’s true oath
.     The silver tongue—the razor’s edge
.     The truth arrives disguised,
.     Therein the sorrow lies

A scene from the Piven Theater’s production of “Dead Man Walking.”

This poem selected by Lesley W. (Head of Adult Services).  Jimmy Glass was executed in Louisiana in 1987.  His poem was chosen by Sister Helen Prejean – author of Dead Man Walking and The Death of Innocents – as part of the Piven Theater’s Quality of Mercy project.

Poetry Copyright Notice

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