Libraries in Crisis? Librarian Says “Act Like Lady Gaga”

The Huffington Post has started a series on the status of libraries in the US. As I read this article, I noticed a quote from an Evanston resident regarding the closure of South Branch! At the heart of the discussion is the acknowledgment that the economy is weak and cities must cut back on expenses, but which jobs and what services should be cut?

Here in the Chicago area City Hall noted public outrage over projected cuts to the city library system. Given back: $ 3.3 million out of a proposed  $ 7 million decrease. Another article which details the statewide cuts shows that education and social services took the biggest hits this year in Illinois. On the optimistic side, here’s a blog post on why librarians should adopt an in-your-face attitude like that of Lady Gaga!

Shira S.

“Chicago’s cultural community speaks out against library budget cuts”

Time Out Chicago interviews some notable Chicagoans who eleoquently explain why libraries, library staff, and library budgets are important and worth fighting for. Includes closing statements by Heather Norborg, a former librarian at the Evanston Public Library.