Did Stanley Kubrick, Always a Visionary Filmmaker, Forsee the iPad?

According to Samsung in a legal battle with Apple, Stanley Kubrick (and not Apple) designed the first iPad as seen in his 1968 classic film 2001: A Space Odyssey. Samsung cites a one minute clip from the film that shows two astronauts eating and using personal tablet computers at the same time. The two companies are “suing each other all over the world for patent infringement after Apple accused Samsung of blatant copying of its products.” You can read the article, watch the YouTube clip and make up your own mind. Better yet, just watch the film.


Consumer Electronics Show in Vegas Offers E-Readers (and funny video ads)

For the real geeks out there, please feel free to read this whole article on new trends in consumer gadgets and computer devices. Companies are also releasing short videos hinting at their new products which may be unveiled at the convention this week. Motorola‘s was cute- a short, tongue-in-cheek history of the tablet. (There are a couple of others referred to in the 2nd article.)

Shira S.