“New” Tolkien Work to be Published May 2013

A previously unpublished 200 page poem of JRRTolkien’s  will be made public May 2013 after the release of a new movie trilogy based on The Hobbit. The author’s son, Christopher, is the editor and executor of his father’s estate and has decided to share ‘The Fall of Arthur’ with the world.

Shira S.

“Literary Traffic Jam”– Notable Books Coming out this Fall

EarlyWord reports that according to the NY Times a veritable glut of new titles from “superstar” authors will be arriving, some of whom haven’t published a book in years. Considering I heard an interview with Junot Diaz this morning on NPR about “This is How You Lose Her” (which was interesting because Diaz explained his thoughts on men’s attitudes toward women), I imagine there will be plenty of book talks, appearances, and other publicity to get the word out. Both reviewers and bookstore owners sound very excited about the upcoming titles:

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Libraries Struggle to Fill E-book Demands

EarlyWord points out an interesting article in the Washington Post about the difficulties libraries have in obtaining e-books.Some facilities do not have funds to keep up with the need and some publishers are not fully cooperating with the libraries. The article highlights the friction between slashed library budgets and the growing pressure to keep up with digital media. It will be interesting to see how this plays out.   Shira S.