Libraries in Crisis? Librarian Says “Act Like Lady Gaga”

The Huffington Post has started a series on the status of libraries in the US. As I read this article, I noticed a quote from an Evanston resident regarding the closure of South Branch! At the heart of the discussion is the acknowledgment that the economy is weak and cities must cut back on expenses, but which jobs and what services should be cut?

Here in the Chicago area City Hall noted public outrage over projected cuts to the city library system. Given back: $ 3.3 million out of a proposed  $ 7 million decrease. Another article which details the statewide cuts shows that education and social services took the biggest hits this year in Illinois. On the optimistic side, here’s a blog post on why librarians should adopt an in-your-face attitude like that of Lady Gaga!

Shira S.

Beloved Bookman’s Alley Closing

Neil Steinberg’s column in the November 4 Chicago Sun-Times caught my attention when I saw the headline “Bad news out of Evanston”. Bookman’s Alley, which opened in 1980 has been a treasure trove of books, some rare, and art, and an Evanston haven for many book devotees.  According to the article, the store is closing in January 2012.  Go there now for their 30 percent off sale.


Two lakefront communities–one big, one small: comparing Chicago and Evanston

         On last Wednesday’s edition of WBEZ’s Eight Forty-Eight, host Alison Cuddy shared the mike with two guests, TribLocal reporter Jonathan Burlington and WBEZ’s Director of Corporate Sponsorship and Business Development, Paul Friedman. Cuddy posed intriguing questions about the current state of budget negotiations in both communities and invited comparisons. There were a number of comments about the question of library funding, and how the two communities might differ in reacting to drastic cuts in hours and service. Listen to the broadcast here.

Barbara L.

Local Library Auction Action

In case you haven’t heard, Evanston’s libraries are in a tight spot. Due to lack of funding, the Evanston Public Library is set to close its North and South branch locations at the end of the summer. But we’re not going without a fight! The Evanston Public Library Friends have been valiantly hitting the streets, raising money, spreading the word, and talking to people about saving our local libraries. Starting May 15th, you too can get in on the very worthwhile action of saving your libraries and bolstering your community strength and spirit, all without leaving the comfort of your home. Continue reading “Local Library Auction Action”

A Mighty Wind Part II

Following up on Monday’s post about Cape Wind, this just in from this week’s Chicago Reader: a strange confluence of wind-powered happenings right here in Evanston. The Evanston City Council has begun looking into erecting a 40 turbine wind farm in Lake Michigan. In mid-April the Council issued a request for information on the project in order to research the feasibility and possible benefits of such a farm for the Evanston community. Will the Evanston wind farm stir up the same kind of controversy as Cape Wind? Time will tell. And in other wind related news, Windfall, a new documentary film about the downside of wind power will be screening in Evanston tonight, 05/07/10, at the Hinman Theater in the Hotel Orrington as part of the Talking Pictures Festival. Check out the Reader article for the full story.