Interface of Technology and Books— Where Are We Headed?

Lately much has been written about the various aspects of the gains of e-books on the traditional print market and how publishing and consuming books will continue to change. We are riding the wave of this new technology in a manner similar to that of the past when the VCR, cell phone, PC, etc., all took center stage. Here are a few blog posts and articles looking at some aspects of our current fascination with e-books and its impact on old-fashioned books and even the Internet. See ReadWriteWeb blog for an interesting assortment of ideas relating to these themes. Likewise Michael Hyatt has a few points to add to the debate.  I’m including this group of links regarding environmental effects of e-books, too.If you have another angle to add, go ahead.

Shira S.

Digital Challenges For U.S. Public Libraries

Timely article on libraries’ efforts to juggle the provision of Internet services against cutbacks in funding and hours. Rural libraries in particular are often the only location to access the Internet for many patrons.

Precursor to Google- telephone information service still in use at Kent State

Before the riots at Kent State the information service answered students’ queries via telephone on a wide range of topics. Guess what? They still do today in the Internet Age.  Heard on NPR. (Shira S., RA)