Malcolm Gladwell’s New Book: Underdogs who Fight Back

Acclaimed science writer Malcolm Gladwell will be coming out with a new book on the power of underdogs.”David and Goliath” will probe what occurs when weaker people confront stronger ones. It should be out in 2013. Look forward to his unconventional and thought-provoking take on everyday situations. Links to articles. Links to EPL’s Gladwell books.

Shira S.


Geraldine Brooks’ Latest Novel Debuts

Geraldine Brooks’ new novel is out and it sounds, like her other works, different and highly original. Caleb’s Crossing centers around the first American Indian to attend Harvard. The Pulitzer winner set this book in Martha’s Vineyard during the 17th century. (EPL has ordered it.)

Shira S.

Maurice Sendak Writing New Book

The latest creation of Maurice Sendak, renowned children’s author and illustrator, will be released in September. HarperCollins said that “Bumble-Ardy,” a fun-loving pig, will see an initial printing of 500,000.  Not child’s play!

PS- If you remember, he worked on a Chicago Lyric Opera a few years back (2003). Here’s a link to Brundibar (2009). Shira S.

Historian McCullough to Release Book on Paris

David McCullough, a two-time Pulitzer winning author of historical subjects, is coming out with a work about American artists and intellectuals in Paris in May. “The Greater Journey”  is his first full-length work since “1776.”

Shira S.

Ben Franklin in Paris

Interview with Bill Bryson on Latest Book “At Home”

Robin Young, host of  “Here and Now,”  interviewed Bill Bryson about his latest work, At Home: a Short History of Private Life. Bryson lived with his family for many years in England and this book uses his historic home as a springboard to discuss many aspects of everyday life. To my mind, Bryson represents the average guy as he is not especially athletic or macho, but he is very curious as he ruminates about his travels in his books. He switches off between being funny and/or thoughtful. A Walk in the Woods is his account of hiking in the Appalachian Mountains and In a Sunburned Country is about his adventures in Australia, both recommended.

Shira S.

Juan Williams’ New Project: Book on Free Speech

Former NPR commentator Juan Williams has signed on with Crown Publishers for a 2 book deal. He will focus on the difficulty of discussing sensitive topics in our society. The untitled book is due in the summer. (Williams was fired immediately from NPR a couple of months ago for expressing concern regarding boarding planes with people obviously dressed as Muslims. He vigorously denies being a bigot.)