ALA Announces New Prizes for Adult Books

This year, for the first time, ALA will present two literary prizes for adult works. The Andrew Carnegie Medals for Excellence in Fiction and Nonfiction will be awarded this June at the 2012 ALA Conference. Funded by the Carnegie Corporation of New York, “the awards will celebrate the best of the best and serve as a guide to help adults select quality reading material, making a real contribution to our country being a nation of readers,” said Molly Raphael, ALA President. Fifty titles are under consideration for the Carnegie Medals, drawn from last year’s Booklist Editors’ Choice and Reference and User Services Association’s (RUSA) Collection Development and Evaluation Section (CODES) Notable Books lists. The finalists will be announced in May. Librarian and NPR contributor Nancy Pearl will chair this year’s selection committee of “seven library professionals with expertise in adult literature.” You can read more about the awards here.

Librotraficante Caravan

Read about the “underground” libraries developing in Houston, San Antonio, Albuquerque and Tucson,

In response to the alleged banning of books from Mexican-American Studies programs by the Tucson Unified School District,  “underground” libraries are developing in Houston, San Antonio, Albuquerque, and Tucson. “Read-easies” will be organized with donations from various authors whose books have been banned. Go here to learn more.

Videogame Website Archive Project

“As the reach and impact of the videogames world continues to grow, it’s vital that we at least preserve the essence of the cultural and historical impact of the sector.”

– Paul Wheatley, Digital Preservation Manager, The British Library

 The British Library and the National Videogame Archive are working together to preserve gaming culture by creating an archive of videogame websites, and need your help! They are seeking suggestions of websites, online games, forums, enthusiast sites, advertising, FAQs and walkthroughs, as well as emulation software and research and education resources, from game designers, players, developers, publishers, enthusiasts, and memory institutions around the world.

 You can read more about the project here. To make your own nomination, fill out the form at to explain why you feel a particular site should be included!


Late Bloomers

Writer’s Relief has a great article about 7 authors who are inspiring examples of how it’s never too late to become a professional writer.

If you’re interested in reading their books, feel free to browse our catalog at the links below:

50th Anniversary of The Phantom Tollbooth

Norman Juster writes about his “accidental masterpiece,” The Phantom Tollbooth, which has been delighting readers of all ages for fifty years.

“e” for “errors”

An explanation for those wondering why e-books tend to have so many typographical and formatting errors.

Before they were famous…

An interesting list of the jobs some authors had before they became famous…

Julian Barnes wins the 2011 Man Booker Prize

Julian Barnes has won the Man Booker Prize for Fiction, for the novel The Sense of an Ending. This is his fourth nomination and first win.