Eagle Cam, meet Falcon Cam!

First it was dogs, now it’s birds. I seem to tune into NPR’s “All Things Considered” and find myself listening to animal-related stories that somehow have a connection to our own Evanston library. On April 1st, I posted a link to a story about Monty the Yale Library therapy dog which brought to mind our “Tail Waggin’ Tutors” program at North Branch. Today I caught Melissa Block’s story about the bald eagle family in Decorah, Iowa whose nesting and chick-raising activities have been viewed so far by 11 million people thanks to a very high quality sound and video cam mounted on a tree limb just above the nest.

Eagle Cam, meet Falcon Cam. Right here at our very own public library, we have a 24/7 watch on the beautiful peregrine falcons that have nested here on a sheltered ledge outside our 3rd floor reference room every spring since 2004. This year Nona and Squawker have returned and are tending three eggs (so far) in their minimalist nest.

I just posted a comment on the NPR site with a link to our Falcon Cam, so maybe we’ll get a mention on air tomorrow (one can always dream, right?).  

Barbara L.

Local Art @ EPL

Throughout the month of July EPL is pleased to present the work of Alice Dubois, the latest artist to be featured in our local artist exhibition series. Ms. Dubois’ colorful canvases draw inspiration from nature, literature, and music and combine various artistic styles into a striking, unique, and eerily beautiful whole. She lives and makes her art right here in Evanston, Illinois and has even been inspired by EPL’s family of peregrine falcons to make a brand new painting featured in her exhibit. You can see Ms. Dubois’ artwork throughout July on the 2nd Floor of the Evanston Public Library. And stay tuned to our Off the Shelf blog for an interview with the artist coming up later this month.