Veronica Roth to release “Divergent” e-stories


Before the last part of the “Divergent” trilogy, “Allegiant,” will be published in October, Veronica Roth will start publishing 4 e-stories about Four’s history from his point of view. The first story about Tobias (or Four) should be available September 24 and the others will appear over the next few months. Each will be 30 pages long and sell for $1.99. (They should be coming out in print by February, also.)

The author can also look forward to the film release of “Divergent” in March, 2014. A little hard to believe that Roth is a 24-year-old graduate of Northwestern and a Barrington native!  EPL holdings of Roth’s work.

Shira S.

Creating Gifts out of Books


This fascinating blog post suggests a few beautiful books that explain how to reuse, re-purpose, or recycle books into art objects or practical items. They seem to range in level of ease to produce, but the photos are inviting all the same.

Shira S.

Mother’s Day Reading and Writing

In recognition of Mother’s Day May 13, PW has a few suggestions for that most important woman in your life. Another lengthy PW article from a few months ago discussed mom bloggers and their impact on publishing. “Not only are we influencing people who are buying books but also other editors from magazines or TV shows who feature the books on their shows,” says Liz Gumbinner, publisher and editor-in-chief of  I’m including a link to the “Top 100 Mom Blogs” and, as well, a suggestion to take a long moment to appreciate what it takes to be a quality Mom.

Shira S.